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"Educational excellence should be defined as the process of culturing the individual to display perfection life. Educational excellence should enable any individual to spontaneously utilize the total Creative Intelligence of Natural Law. All his thought, speech, and action will be spontaneously upheld by the silent power of peace that permeates all activity in the universe.

Unbounded is potential of individual life, unbounded is the field of intelligence of every individual every individual should be able to know anything, do anything spontaneously right, and accomplish anything through the support of Natural Law. Creating such a perfect individual is the purpose of the Maharishi Institutes of Management.

Maharishi Institutes of Management are designed to demonstrate perfection in education. They offer all knowledge in every brain unlike other educational institutions which are established to offer fragmented field of knowledge in their campuses.

Maharishi Institutes of Management offer every individual daily life endowed with the ability to prevent problems and avert danger that has not yet come (Heyam dukham anagatam). The supreme ideal of education - perfection in life - is going to be the achievement of the Maharishi Institutes of Management. The supreme ideal of management is to engage the skilled hands of nature to perform. The manager and administrator should only play the role of witnessing ― purusha and let the nature ― prakrati perform.