Maharishi Institute of Management was established in 1995 in India under the auspious of Maharishi Shiksha Sansthan, a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with the latest principles, practices & technologies of modern management from around the world. The goal of Maharishi Institute of Management is to create problem free management in India through management based on Natural Law so that India can successfully meet the challenges of the globalized economy, maintain the cultural integrity & rise to leadership in the family of Nations. The management training at MIM accomplishes these goals by providing not only career oriented education but also life oriented education through Maharishi’s consciousness based education system.

Maharishi Institute of Master Management Bengaluru (also known as MIMMB) has an excellent combination of infrastructure facilities, action learning methodologies, expertly defined faculty, technology enabled campus all that enable quick learning as well as impeccable application of the wisdom. Our ideal corporate linkages also lend expertise in the students experiential learning.

MIMMB is a unique learning hub for students who wish to redefine their life. It is a platform to educate students, enrich their minds, equip them with appropriate skills and build a healthy attitude that helps them meet the world standards. It helps them achieve their personal & professional excellence. Incorporated in 1995, it has over the years evolved into an institution that caters to meet students intellectual need. Ever since it has produced students/ corporate executives par excellence. It has a proud alumnus comprising of corporate leaders and management professionals who have carved a name in the industry they set their foot on.

Why Choose MIMMB….

We are unique, distinct and stand out from the rest in many ways.

1. Focused holistic development…. MIMMB follows a holistic pattern of development. It lays emphasis on actively engaging the entire mind- body-being complex such that the student becomes physically strong, intellectually agile, morally sensitive and spiritually awakened. Sports & Yoga are to make them fit & flexible; Brain Gym & Science of Creative Intelligence to build creativity, innovativeness, ‘analyse-apply-review’ centricity; activity based development that enhances action learning.

2. Unique Approach towards enriched student…. The extracts of ancient wisdom is structured in a manner to facilitate effective assimilation & moulded with cultural attributes such that a sense of responsibility is instilled into the students life. This is integrated with trends anticipated in the future to make the student future ready. These are then ingrained into the student a nurturing methodology of coaching/ mentoring. Thus, the student is fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, wisdom, skills & attitude that makes him a complete achiever.

3. Learning Enabled Development…. At MIMM there is less teaching but focus is more on enabling learning such that there is effective complete and overall development of student. The motive is to ensure that the student evolves into a value centric corporate visionary. The sessions focus on experiential and action learning through initiatives and corporate sensitization programs through effective coaching & mentoring.

4. Evolutionary assessment process…. It is not test of memory but a complete assessment of the student pertaining to subjective and applicative understanding. This is followed by an intensive corporate assessment on the ability to translate it into profits/ benefit.

5. Learner Friendly Facilities….

➢ Technology driven learning: - The use of modern day smart technology enables the learning of students at MIMMB—regular lesson updates, assignments, individual development plans are all pushed online to enable learnings even when out of campus.

➢ E-Lib facility for research: - Learner friendly environment with over 5000 books and 2 crore digitized/ e-books. WIFI equipped kiosk that offers internet to students 24/7.

➢ Incubation Centre: - Ideating, innovative/ inventive or creative minds can use the incubation centre to conduct their research and develop solutions prior to application.

6. Other Infra-structural facilities….

➢ On campus Accommodation: - Cost effective accommodation on single/ twin sharing available on campus. Sumptuous vegetarian diet to energise & revitalise students is also available.

➢ Transportation: - The college also operated transportation facility to commute students from the Bidadi central bus station. For students living on the periphery there is a pickup & drop facility too. For the occupants of the hostel ample arrangements are made to transport them on weekends and on request.

➢ Snack Point Centre: - For the early starters the college runs a snack point that provides snacks/ small eats/ juices/ beverages. The snacks and short eats are made available to faculty, students & guests at affordable prices.

➢ Sports Arena: - Sports is an integral part of the student development program. Indoor/ outdoor sports are provided to the students. The arena has volley ball courts, throwball courts, hand ball courts, cricket pitches, and indoor sports such as carom, badminton, chess and Airgun-shooting which form the essential segments of the campus and student development. Expert guidance and coaching in specific sport is also provided for those students who need to excel in the sport.

7. Programs that change lives….

➢ Experiential Initiatives: - The students participate in developmental initiatives/ projects in areas of health & hygiene; go-green; learning – languages/ computers/ yoga etc. that are life transforming.

➢ Up-skilling & Cross Skilling: - Adequate and appropriate skills are imparted through programs that enables their dealability (work/ situations/ people) such that they excel in the corporate world.