MIM Institutions

MIMM Bengaluru

Long known for its salubrious climate, Bengaluru is a city on the fast track of industrial & business development and is often called the silicon valley of India. Every multinational in India is having a presence here, which makes Bengaluru is an Ideal environment for MIM well suited to fostering the management talents and capabilities needed for national & global administration.

Maharishi Institute of Master Management has come with a new campus of Bengaluru-Mysore road thirteen kms from the Bengaluru University on a 15 acrs at which is according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda- Vastu Vidya to ensure a successful and productive learning environment in harmony with Natural Law, which promotes the wholesome development of the students personality-physical, intellectual and creative. The campus is having a big lotus lake full of water & surrounded by beautiful coconut orchards. The campus has an academic block, students hostel block and faculty residence.


MIM Bhopal

Maharishi Institute of Management [MIM] commenced functioning in 2001, with the divine blessings of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ji, with the prime objective to provide Quality and Value Based Education to the students in Management, Computer Science and Education. MIM Bhopal equips the future managers of India with the latest principles, practices, and technologies of modern management from around the world.


MIM Indore

Indore MIM is located in Rao, Indore Mau state highway on 8 acre land. The campus is located in outer circle of Indore in a peaceful environment. Institute is beautifully constructed and furnished with offices, classroom, library, computer center, faculty room, and a Kitchen with a dining hall to accommodate fifty hostellers. Maharishi Sthapatya Veda-Vastu Vidya-constructed building ensures a successful and productive learning environment in harmony with Natural law, which promotes the wholesome development of the student's personality physical, intellectual and creative.